Yesterday, i have many other moms by sharing a birth story. One out of two from my beautiful family. Thank you to the wonderful shop, blog, nursery consulting center, Cookie Dough Boutique for this initiative that allowed us to understand each other better and reminded us that we are not alone. If all stories were very unique, we were reunited by the same feeling, the happiness of becoming a parent, of holding our baby for the very first time.

Liv's birth story


When Cookiedoughboutique suggested to moms to share their very own’s birth stories, i don’t know why but my first reaction was to tell these little funny moments that filled this unique day and frankly, i have many similar ones.
But I also have another story, a longer one that whenever I speak of it out loud, I feel my smile fading. Even two years after that event, the pain is still vivid. Yes, I can’t forget a single second of it but God, I wish I could. Here it is…
When my second baby girl had enough of being imprisoned, she decided to pop out on Christmas eve. That was not cool for her big sister, but a little angel as Christmas gift was not that bad after all. Anyway, that’s a different story for another time.
We “rushed” to the hospital. The delivery was fast and painless. Not a physical pain at least.

When baby Liv was born, a specialist came to check on her because she had a little hole in her little heart. This is apparently something quite common called “CIV” or “VSD” but hers was not that small . We were briefed on how to adapt our life for few months so our baby wont end in intensive care anytime soon.
-RULE N°1 : No family and friends are allowed to hang around us at the hospital nor at home for a whole trimester.
– RULE N°2 : Only mom and dad can approach with masks and clean hands (not even her sister).

Luckyly, just before that annoncement my close family came for a very short visit. Romy, my first daughter, could meet her sister for few minutes until the next time 3 months later…
Our christmas was very intimate as you can imagine and we had absolutely and strictly respected all of the cardiologist recommendations. However and despite all our efforts, our baby ended at 6 days old with a 39 degrees fever. She woke up apathetic from her nap, hot and with no reaction at all. She was not able to open her eyes, eat nor cry.

We ran to the hospital. We were afraid for her breathing.
The doctors explained to us that Liv had a meningitis caught at the hospital when she was born, and that no one was responsible but that she would most propably die or end with severe brain damage. What a lovely way to start the new year.
After few days in intensive care, the doctors informed us that the meningitis was finally a viral one not bacterial (big difference). What a relief. Our daughter would live…


So few days passed, and Liv completely recovered; even her jaundice that was not helping was finished.
In the meantime, big sister was quite sick too from chicken pox. I’ve started becoming a paranoïac person washing hands like a spychopath, always afraid to contaminate my baby despite the breastfeeding. It took me months to relax and live my parenthood like a « normal » mom.
This birth gave me so much hapiness and so much grief at the exact same time. I will always remember a certain  Christmas day. I wont forget that delivery at the end of 2015.

Liv is a Scandinavian name that means Life and that Danish people pronounce LIOU.
Both Liv and her sister are in very good health today and we thank God for these beautiful miracles in our life.

This is a short version of my story that I’ve struggled to write in english for Cookie Dough. I thought it was important to be part of that adventure.
For those who are willing to know a bit more about the happy ending of this story, I’ve written it few months ago in my french vocabulary with which I’m more confortable. You can find it HERE. Thank you for reading…all moms and dads…hang in there!
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thekoolmom So sorry you had to go through this!! It must have been extremely hard!! Heading to your blog to read the full story!! Thank god everything turned out fine god bless them both ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

izinessblog @thekoolmom Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Yes, we were lucky parents. I cant help thinking of children, moms and dads that feel pain. God bless your family too❤️ and cant wait to see your little baby☺️

fanimodernlove Lisa this story… is so frightening. I’m so glad everything ended well. ❤❤❤ I miss you! I want to meet your girls soon

izinessblog @fanimodernlove I miss you too and i am also impatient to see you again with Jude and Gonzalo. It will happen and hopefully soon !

cookiedoughboutique Oh my god! What a story!!!

cookiedoughboutique Your daughters are adorable!!!! And it’s so nice to see you and Rachid as parents!!!

zeinaabdulnour Oh Liv❤️

izinessblog @cookiedoughboutique Thank you Yasmine. You, as a beautiful mom, little Mo and your words are always very touching. I’am happy to be able to read them.

cookiedoughboutique @izinessblog ☺️

another Very little story of my daughters births, a lighter one :

Romy, my first baby girl was late. She decided to stay in my huge belly until I could clearly not walk and breathe anymore. One day after my due date, the doctor gave me an appointment at the hospital, and for medical reasons, decided i should deliver, that day, not later. Little girl had to come, I understand that, but to keep me as a starving prisoner without letting me eat first was not a good idea!

Why, because, when I started to feel contractions at 6am for Liv, my second baby girl, I was less naïve. I quietly sat down, took a huuuuge breakfast before leaving for the hospital. OMG it was insanely not right but so damn good.


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